Groundwater management plan, Santa Ana River watermaster & imported water recharge report


Groundwater management plan

The Orange County Water District Groundwater Management Plan 2015 Update was adopted by the OCWD Board of Directors in June 2015. The District’s first Groundwater Management Plan was published in 1989; the Groundwater Management Plan 2015 Update is the fifth update. In 2014, the California Sustainable Groundwater Management Act was passed. The new law provides authority for agencies to develop and implement Groundwater Sustainability Plans or alternative plans that demonstrate the basin has operated within its sustainable yield over a period of at least 10 years. Elements to be included in sustainability plans as described in the California Water Code (§10727.2, 10727.4, and 10727.6) have been incorporated into this plan.

Groundwater basin management goals are (1) to protect and enhance groundwater quality, (2) to protect and increase the sustainable yield of the basin in a cost-effective manner, and (3) to increase the efficiency of District operations.

Santa Ana River watermaster

The Watermaster report is required by the Stipulated Judgment (Judgment) in the case of Orange County Water District v. City of Chino, et al., Case No. 117628-County of Orange. The Watermaster annually compiles the basic hydrologic and water quality data necessary to determine compliance with the provisions of the Judgment. The data include records of stream discharge (flow) and quality for the Santa Ana River (River) at Prado Dam and at Riverside Narrows as well as discharges for most tributaries; flow and quality of nontributary water entering the River; rainfall records at locations in or adjacent to the Watershed; and other data that may be used to support the determinations of the Watermaster. 

The most current report may be viewed/downloaded below. For watermaster reports prior to water year 2014-2015, please submit a public records request.

Imported water recharge report

This report, required by a 2008 agreement the District and seven other agencies signed with the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Water Board), presents a projection of future total dissolved solids and nitrate concentrations in the Orange County Management Zone. The Regional Water Board is responsible to protect the quality of surface water and groundwater in the watershed that includes the Orange County Groundwater Basin. Every six years, OCWD must complete a report to the Regional Water Board that evaluates future water quality conditions in the Orange County Groundwater Basin.  This report was completed in July 2016.