District Honors 420 Years of Service

The Orange County Water District recently honored 29 employees for a collective 420 years of service.

At five, 10, 15, 20 and subsequent intervals of 5, OCWD distinguishes its workers with pins to mark their hard work.

The following are this year’s honorees:

FIVE YEARS                                     

Ryan Bouley
Principal Engineer

Eugene Chae
Senior Chemist

Jeremy Evans
Auto & Equipment Mechanic

Patrick Murphy
Environmental Specialist

Crystal Nettles
Senior Communications Specialist

Dina Nguyen
Board Member, Division 1

Diane Pinnick
Senior Communications Specialist


Ray Abrahamson
FHQ Maintenance Supervisor Mx

Manuel Castro
Senior Maintenance Tech. Grade III

James Hawkins
Heavy Equipment Operator

Li Li
Senior Hydrogeologist

Octavio Reynoso
Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

Vu Truong
Senior Programmer/Analyst

FIFTEEN YEARS                                          

Jason Dadakis

Exec. Dir. Water Quality &Tech. Resources

Chris Friberg

Operations Maintenance Tech. Grade II

Eric Gautier

Plant Operator II

Mark Greening
Senior Environmental Specialist

Bonnie Howard
Purchasing Manager

Linda Koki
Senior GIS Analyst

Roger Yoh
Board Member, Division 3

TWENTY YEARS                                          

Alex Cervantes
Senior Heavy Equipment Operator

Daniel Cohen
Senior Programmer/Analyst

David Henry
PCS Programmer

Stephanie Giraud

Renee Patterson
Records Management Coordinator

THIRTY YEARS                                                                   

Adrienne Campbell
Administrative Support Technician

Chuck Spade
Plant Operator II

Lo Tan
Principal Engineer

Lee Yoo
Laboratory Director