Thirty-five Honored with Service Awards

At the core of OCWD’s success is recruiting and retaining a talented workforce. This year, 35 of its 218 employees celebrated work milestones for a combined 515 years of service. The following is a list of employee recipients.

Forty Years Service

Heinz Roehler, Sr. Plant Operator III

Thirty Years Service

James Caver, Sr. Environmental Tech.
James Kalinowski, Process Control/Sys. Manager
Jana Safarik, Senior Scientist

Twenty-Five Years Service

Jesse Aragon, Maintenance Tech. Grade II
Vickie Nguyen, Principal Programmer/Analyst
Brian Okey, Sr. Environmental Spec.
Michael Wehner, Assistant General Manager

Twenty Years Service

Bruce Dosier, Director of IS/Property
Ruben Felix, Sr. Heavy Equipment Operator
Rita Hintlian, Sr. Environmental Specialist

Fifteen Years Service

Cristhian Alvarez, Chemist
William Bradberry, Heavy Equipment Operator
Betty Freeman, Staff Accountant
Bonnie Johnson, Principal Environmental Specialist
Sumedha Weeratunga, Chemist

Ten Years Service

Glen Arrieta, Chemist
Daniel Bott, Principal Planner
Kimberly Dusky, Human Resources Specialist
Joseph Flint, Lead Maintenance Technician
Josue Hernandez, Senior I & E Technician
Melissa Hill, Senior Chemist
Donald Houlihan, Recharge Operations Supervisor
Thong Nguyen, Sr. Programer/Analyst
Chris Olsen, Director of Engineering
James Pennella, Maintenance Tech. Grade II
Robert Raley, I & E Supervisor
Sandy Scott-Roberts, Principal Engineer
Dianne Swanson, Principal Project Accountant
Gary Yoshiba, Hydrogeologist

Five Years Service

James Garcia, Sr. Programmer/Analyst
Andrew Higgins, Maintenance Tech. Grade II
Mark Petty, Sr. Heavy Equipment Operator
Melany Rich, Chemist
Matthew Sieg, Sr. I & E Technician
Francisco Valencia, Sr. I & E Technician

Photo:Service Award recipients (left to right back) James Caver (30 years), Brian Okey (25 years), Chris Olsen (10 years), Bruce Dosier (20 years), and Daniel Bott (10 years). Front row left to right: Kimberly Dusky (10 years), Sandy Scott-Roberts (10 years), Rita Hintlian (20 years), and Jana Safarik (30 years)