PFAS education center

PFAS are a group of thousands of manmade chemicals that are used in a number of industrial processes and firefighting activities and to make products non-stick and/or resistant to water, oil, and stains. Produced by chemical manufacturers, PFAS have been detected in the Orange County Groundwater Basin, which supplies 77% of the drinking water supply to north and central Orange County. We invite you to learn more about how the District is proactively and swiftly addressing PFAS in Orange County.

Take Action

Despite playing no role in releasing PFAS into the environment, cities and water agencies must find ways to remove it from their local water supplies. Send a letter to Orange County's federal legislators in just two clicks. Let them know polluters should pay for PFAS cleanup, not ratepayers.

Legislation & regulations

The science on PFAS have prompted legislative and regulatory action.  Orange County water agencies take seriously the duty to provide reliable high-quality drinking water and will continue to meet all state and federal drinking water standards and regulations.

Stakeholder support

Upholding the polluter pays principle is supported by 30+ Orange County organizations, including the County of Orange and Orange County Taxpayers Association. 


OCWD and its water retailers provide some of the cleanest drinking water in the world. Explore additional internal and external resources such as the PFAS fact sheetfrequently asked questions, quarterly update, and more.