Long-term facilities plan

The long-term facilities plan is a strategic planning tool which identifies potential projects that advance the District’s mission. A key purpose in preparing the plan is to identify the most important and effective potential projects so that available resources can be focused appropriately. 

The long-term facilities plan summarizes current and future water demands, describes the current water supplies available to the District for groundwater recharge, presents a range of potential projects, explains the process for selecting projects for focused study, and provides details of those projects including cost estimates and project benefits where possible. Preparation of the plan helps the District prioritize its efforts to those potential projects that should be further developed for consideration by the Board.

Download the long-term facilities plan 2014 update (PDF).

GWRS Final Expansion groundbreaking

The GWRS Final Expansion project will increase treatment capacity from 100 to 130 million gallons per day; enough water for 1 million people!

Final expansion

Poseidon desalination facility

As part of OCWD's commitment to providing a reliable and sustainable water supply to Orange County, OCWD is exploring ocean desalination as a way to increase local water supplies.

Ocean desalination