Green Acres Project alternative disinfection feasibility

The Orange County Water District (OCWD; District) is seeking proposals from qualified consultants who are interested in providing engineering services for a feasibility study regarding the disinfection criteria for the District’s Green Acres Project (GAP).

OCWD believes that a lower CT value, use of alternative disinfectants, modifications to the CCB, demonstration of the necessary virus removal by alternative methods, and/or other changes could be implemented to reduce operational costs, wear on system components and improve final water quality. The purpose of the current scope of services under this RFP is to perform a feasibility study of the alternative disinfection criteria, evaluate potential disinfection strategies or improvements, and provide life cycle cost estimates for the current and potential disinfection strategies including the testing required to permit them.

Questions for this scope of work should be directed to Ben Smith.

GAP alternative disinfection RFP