Listed below are the federal and state legislative districts for the Orange County Water District region, along with the corresponding elected officials that comprise the Orange County delegation.

To view contact information for local and state elected officials please click on the links below:


United States Senate

State Senator          
CA Alex Padilla See the source image
CA Dianne Feinstein

United States House of Representatives

District Representative   
38 Linda Sanchez
39 Young Kim
45 Katie Porter
46 Lou Correa
47 Alan Lowenthal
48 Michelle Steel
49 Mike Levin

California State Senate

District Senator  
29 Josh Newman
32 Bob Archuleta  
34 Tom Umberg  
36 Patricia Bates  
37 Dave Min  

California State Assembly

District Assembly member  
55 Phillip Chen
65 Sharon Quirk-Silva
68 Steven Choi
69 Tom Daly
72 Janet Ngyuen
73 Laurie Davies
74 Cottie Petrie-Norris

Orange County Supervisors

District Supervisor       
1 Andrew Do, Chairman
2 Katrina Foley
3 Donald Wagner
4 Doug Chaffee. Vice Chairman
5 Lisa A. Bartlett