Legislative affairs

The legislative affairs program is integral to Orange County Water District's mission and goals. Whether hosting Governor Brown, touring the Groundwater Replenishment System with assembly members and senators, presenting to senate and assembly committees on groundwater recharge in Sacramento, testifying before legislative committees, or working with elected officials in Washington, D.C., OCWD prides itself on being a sought-after source of expertise to elected officials on topics including groundwater replenishment, water reuse and environmental policy.

Questions or comments for the District on legislation should be sent to Alicia Dunkin, Legislative Affairs Liason, by email or via phone at (714) 378-8232.

California State Capitol museum

OCWD addresses the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014, Proposition 1 (Water Bond), federal drought legislation, and groundwater cleanup, among many other high-profile policy issues. 

Goals, priorities and guidelines

Quirk-Silva with Director Yoh

Listed are the federal and state legislative districts for the Orange County Water District region, along with the corresponding elected officials that comprise the Orange County delegation.


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OCWD actively engages on legislation by communicating the Board of Directors' policies and positions to state and federal legislators and government officials, and working closely with these decision makers to advance the District's objectives.

Legislation and positions

Presenter and students at Children's Water Education Festival

View helpful links to state and federal websites where you can find additional information on the legislative process.