Producers’ Corner

CCR Video Recaps

The Orange County Water District (OCWD; the District is partnering with the local water suppliers it serves to create short videos to highlight each agency’s Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) and the investments that have been made to create safe, reliable water supplies.

These videos are meant to engage local audiences and increase their awareness of their yearly water quality report – what it contains, and the extensive testing and monitoring that goes into serving safe drinking water.

OCWD recently worked with Mesa Water to create the inaugural CCR video.

Water quality reports are typically issued in July of each year and appear on city and water supplier websites, and are referred to in their social media postings and other information materials. The CCR video is a vehicle to enhance these efforts.

View OCWD’s 19 member water suppliers page, where you will find links to agency websites, annual water quality reports and the new videos as they are posted.  

Mesa Water District Receives First Place Award

Mesa Water District (Mesa Water®) received a first place award for its state-of-the-art Pipeline Integrity Program (PiP) in the 2020 CMUA Resource Efficiency & Community Service Awards. The annual awards by the California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) highlight best practices and innovative ideas in California’s electric and water industries.

The PiP was implemented by Mesa Water to address the industry-wide issue of renewing and replacing water system pipelines in an efficient manner. The program aims to keep in service the pipelines that are in good condition and identify those that need replacing. Further, the program involves extensive system analysis, including non-destructive and destructive testing, to better estimate the system’s remaining useful life of pipelines.