Employee of the 4th Quarter—Thuy Lam

Senior Programmer of Information Services, Thuy Lam, is a very intelligent, enthusiastic and tireless supporter of laboratory operations at the Orange County Water District. While the Philip L. Anthony Water Quality Laboratory receives excellent service overall from Information Services, Thuy stands out as a person who not only accepts any request but does so with a smile and regularly produces excellent work and solutions with very short turnaround time.

Thuy has been vital to the long-lived and complex project the Lab has faced during the past year of creating and maintaining instrument interfaces as well as developing quality control and data reports for new UCMR4 methods. She chose to create an entirely new and better tool for the Lab rather than patching the existing one. She is frequently seen in the Laboratory consulting with the chemists, supervising chemists, and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) administrator on this and other projects.

Thuy has also assisted the Lab with the software tool for submitting UCMR4 data files to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), converting the Lab’s legacy Aspen LIMS to the SQL Server database management system, thereby significantly increasing its reliability, and general and frequent LIMS maintenance.

Thuy repeatedly looks for the best solution to a problem, not the easiest one. Whenever the Lab makes a request, she is glad to take it on and will often select the most complicated solution (for her) to produce the simplest tool or outcome (for the Lab). She has also been willing to help Lab staff with any problem they have, even troubleshooting their instrument files before they even approach her. She is an outstanding employee!

Congratulations Thuy!