OCWD Experts Present at Korea International Water Week

Lee Yoo at Korea International Water WeekOCWD Advanced Water Quality Assurance Laboratory Director Lee Yoo and Recharge Planning Manager Adam Hutchinson were invited to participate in Korea International Water Week (KIWW).

Yoo provided a presentation titled “Water Supply and Quality Management in Orange County, California” at a World Water Cities Forum—a part of KIWW.

The importance of the Forum was to discuss and to share leading practices and identify factors that will enable the implementation of innovative and practical solutions for sustainable water supply. Yoo also presented to environmental engineering students at Keimyung University, Daegu, Korea.

Adam Hutchinson at Korea International Water WeekHutchinson presented about what Orange County is doing to address water-related challenges, emerging solutions, as well as efforts to achieve sustainable development at a World Water Cities Forum titled “Cities and Water for Sustainable Development.”  Nine countries came together for KIWW to generously share their experience and knowledge of the water industry. 

OCWD staff is world-renowned for its expertise and solutions in water reuse, groundwater management, water quality, and more. Called upon to share technology and newest methods in these areas, staff is accommodating to advance industry best practices.