District Expert Presents at International Conference

OCWD Advanced Water Quality Assurance Laboratory Director Lee Yoo presented his paper about monitoring and removal of nitrosamines at the Busan Water International Workshop and delivered a speech regarding monitoring p-chlorobenzene sulfonic acid (p-CBSA) & methadone at the Water Technology Conference held at the Korea Water Corporation (Kwater) in Korea on March 23 & 25, respectively. 

The Busan Water Quality Institute & Busan Water AuthorityBusan Water International Workshop Participants jointly held a workshop at the Busan Convention Center. With the theme of “Properties of Natural Organic Matters (NOM) and the Generation and Control of Disinfection By-products (DBPs)," the workshop provided direction on future technology aimed at reducing DBPs and advancing water treatment technologies. Lee Yoo was invited to present his paper, “Effective Monitoring and Removal of Nitrosamines in an MF/RO/UV Facility," along with six other speakers from the United States, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, and Korea.

KWATER ParticipantsKwater and OCWD’s Laboratory have continued on a collaborative study in the effort of improving the measurement of trace organic contaminants in a water environment. Lee Yoo was invited to deliver the recent analytical topic, "Analytical Challenges to Monitor p-Chlorobenzene Sulfonic Acid (p-CBSA) & Methadone in Wastewater," and discussed effective analytical support using the automated solid phase extraction (SPE) and analytical systems. 

Lee Yoo heads OCWD’s Advanced Quality Assurance Laboratory that implements a proactive, diverse and comprehensive groundwater and surface water monitoring program to continually generate real-time data. The District tests for more than 500 compounds, many more than required by state and federal laws and regulations. It tests water from approximately 1,500 locations throughout the basin, analyzes more than 20,000 samples each year and reports more than 400,000 results. OCWD also provides regional testing of more than 200 drinking water wells for local drinking water providers to help them meet monitoring and reporting requirements mandated by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

As an international leader in water reuse, groundwater management and water quality, OCWD experts are often sought out by agencies from around the globe to share the District’s best business practices and proactive and innovative methods for solving industry challenges.