Water webinars

Join OCWD for its monthly webinar series on emerging and newsworthy topics. Hear from an OCWD expert and District partner as they discuss important OCWD programs and projects that impact your water supply. Whether you are an elected official, water industry professional, researcher, consultant, student, or community member, there is something for everyone. Webinars last approximately one hour and are free to attend. 


January 27 at 10 a.m. - Reverse Osmosis: Getting the Credit it Deserves

This presentation provides an overview of the use of naturally occurring surrogates for monitoring RO integrity in treatment facilities for potable reuse. The findings showed that free ATP (adenosine triphosphate), Peak C fluorescence, sulfate and strontium are four possible surrogates that can be used for this purpose related to achieving regulatory-required pathogen log removal value (LRV) credits. These surrogates demonstrated average LRVs that exceed those achieved by current methods, such as total organic carbon (TOC) or conductivity.


  1. Jana Safarik, Principal Scientist, Orange County Water District
  2. Rodrigo Tackaert, Trussell Technologies



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