Meet the characters

Aqua Joe

He started out as a regular Joe, just another water drop like all the rest. He traveled the world working in the clouds, helping them drop lots of water, but he never found a place to call home. One day, while passing over Orange County, he saw Dr. Drought sucking all the reservoirs dry. Aqua Joe wanted to help but felt powerless, until he met Hydrate. Hydrate told Aqua Joe, “Together we can, and must, protect the water supply.” They formed the OC Water Heroes and the rest is history. Aqua Joe and Hydrate want you to join them!


Hydrate was a normal water drop, traveling the world on Water Cycle Airways. Long ago, she landed in Orange County and percolation dropped her into the aquifer, where she spent thousands of years underground. All that changed when Dr. Drought came to town. Dr. Drought's actions pulled Hydrate from the ground and pushed her toward the ocean. Since that day, Hydrate has resisted Dr. Drought, leading the charge against her. One day, Hydrate met a like-minded water drop, Aqua Joe, and they formed the OC Water Heroes. Hydrate and Aqua Joe are looking for volunteers to save Orange County's water. Will you join them?

Dr. Drought

Dr. Drought is bad but she knows no other way! Ever since she was a baby, she was taught to come through Orange County on a regular basis to "remind" residents not to get too comfortable with wet weather. Years of below average rainfall made her happy, but when Orange County emerged from five years of drought, she vowed to take revenge. Dr. Drought is trying her hardest to wage war against Orange County, but our heroes know that conservation and education is one of the best ways to beat her. Becoming an OC Water Hero today helps Orange County plan for the future.

Filter Bob

Ever since Filter Bob took a tour of the Orange County Water District's Groundwater Replenishment System, he knew he wanted to help keep the water supply clean. On the tour, he learned all about microfiltration, reverse osmosis and advanced oxidation. He decided then and there he'd make a difference in the local water supply by making sure Orange County's tap water was safe and clean. He teamed up with Aqua Joe and Hydrate to teach children that drinking tap water is not only safe, but it's more environmentally friendly than drinking bottled water. Filter Bob is always ready to teach kids more water facts, and you may spot him doling out important water information while playing the OC Water Hero game.

Captain Sponge

Captain Sponge is one cool dude. He's always there to clean up the messes others leave behind. Did you forget to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth? Forget to use a shut-off nozzle on your hose? Sprinklers spraying the sidewalk? Captain Sponge absorbs the extra water so it can be used later. He joined Aqua Joe and Hydrate to educate children about the importance of conserving water and not wasting it. When you use water-wise practices inside and outside the home, Captain Sponge can relax and finally take a vacation. Don't leave him out to dry! Become an OC Water Hero and help defeat Dr. Drought.


Every villain needs a henchman, and Bacterious is always alongside Dr. Drought trying to disrupt our heroes. Bacterious constantly tries to contaminate Orange County's water supply, but is foiled by the water heroes time and time again. He's getting smarter, though, so our heroes need your help in protecting Orange County's water supply for future generations. Become an OC Water Hero and get smart about water.


He's missing a few neutrons and is a bit of a loose cannon; that's why Dr. Drought likes him. Whenever she has a dastardly idea on how to steal Orange County's water, she calls in Isotope to help. He's got a bad temper and is always ready to cause trouble. You have to be smart around him because he will try to trick you. But with the help of Aqua Joe, Hydrate, Filter Bob, and Captain Sponge, you'll be able to figure out when he's lying and not fall victim to his water-wasting tricks. 

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