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Become an OC Water Hero!

Orange County is under siege! The dreaded Dr. Drought is out to steal all of our water. Our OC water heroes, Aqua Joe and Hydrate, along with their faithful friends Filter Bob and Captain Sponge, have been fighting Dr. Drought’s henchmen Bacterious and Isotope.

Now it’s time to get smart about water and help our heroes. Being an OC Water Hero is not easy but you can do it. Our heroes have taken the pledge to become OC water heroes, and now you can too. Only you can stop Dr. Drought and protect Orange County’s water supply!

Take the pledge

Become an OC Water Hero by taking the pledge to save water and help defend Orange County against the dreaded Dr. Drought!

Take the pledge

Meet the characters

Who are Orange County’s water heroes, and who are they up against? Find out here.

Meet the characters

Watch videos

Watch videos sent in by other water heroes with helpful tips on how to save water. You can even submit your own to be featured on our site.

Watch videos

The OC Water Hero program was developed to teach Orange County’s youngest water users – children – how to become environmental stewards and use water wisely. By using fun and relatable characters, children are encouraged to become water heroes in their own communities by pledging to conserve water, tracking their water use, and educating their parents and friends how they too can save water and become an OC Water Hero.

With an average rainfall of only 14 inches per year, Orange County is no stranger to hot, dry conditions. It is important now more than ever to teach children that they can make a difference, and that small changes make a BIG impact.

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