Advanced purified bottled water sourced from wastewater

Forty years of water reuse technology and experience is now available in a bottle!

Beginning in March of 2017, the Orange County Water District (OCWD) and Orange County Sanitation District (OC San) took bottles of GWRS purified water on a year-long tour in California to share information about water reuse and to provide a taste to audiences who would otherwise not have the opportunity to try it.

The two agencies, with WateReuse California, helped to get passage of assembly bill 2022, which now allows the limited bottling of advanced purified product water for educational purposes. OCWD and OC San were the first in the Western Hemisphere to bottle it.

They took 13,000 bottles on the road to various events from San Diego to Sacramento, handed them out, with literature,and answered questions from about 17,000 people.

OCWD and OC San also challenged social media influencers and the media to #GetOverIt and take a taste test, which these groups promoted.

The agencies created these campaigns to help overcome "toilet-to-tap" misconceptions and gain support of water reuse for future infrastructure and program investments on the public's behalf.

At the tour's end in February of 2018, and in celebration of its 10th anniversary, the GWRS set the Guinness World Records™ title for the Most Wastewater Recycled in 24 Hours.

There are limited numbers of GWRS water bottles available each year. If you are interested in receiving a bottle, please contact us at