PowerPoint templates

Please read OCWD's PowerPoint Guidelines prior to creating your PowerPoint presentation.

How to Begin Building Your Presentation:

  • Visit H:\Document\Presentations\1_Master Collection. 
  • Using “save as” in the file drop down, save a version of the dark (for boardroom) or light file “_START With Me_v1.pptx” onto your computer and rename it so that you can save your work [example: _START With Me_JohnDoe.pptx]
  • Open your saved “START With Me” and you will see one slide—the title page. Type in your presentation title and add your name, title and date of presentation.
  • Familiarize yourself with the number of presentation slides (dark example selected) from which to choose at 

    H:\Document\Presentations\1_Master Collection\MASTER COLLECTION \DARK

    [Public Affairs & Leticia Villareal both have binders that contain the hard copies of these slides for easy viewing.]

Please refer to the OCWD PowerPoint Guidelines included above for more information.