Fonts for PowerPoint Presentations

We are now using optimized fonts that transfer among OCWD computers, including all conference rooms. Please only use these:

Title & Footer Font: Mont Heavy* - UPPERCASE title font @ 36pt white for dark background and dark blue for light background; Upper- and lowercase footer font @ 18pt gray for dark background and white for light background slides.

Body Copy Font: Mont – Upper- and lowercase body copy font white for dark background and dark blue for light background slides @ 24pt; Bullets below the body copy are 22pt white for dark background or dark blue for light background slides.

"Mont Heavy” doesn’t have a few symbols like “/”, “?“, “%”, and “!” and you may see the word “Demo,” or an unusual symbol, on its side in place of these. But since they are in the same font family, the bolded body copy font “Mont” can be substituted when using those symbols in titles. When it appears, highlight the word “Demo,” or the unusual symbol, and change the font to Mont, bold.

For presentations used outside of OCWD, please change your presentation to a PDF if there is no animation, embed your fonts or use Arial font.