Kim Dusky, Human Resources Specialist

Kim goes above and beyond in ensuring staff and new staff are well trained. She follows up and takes time out of her day to help others even when she is very busy.

Kim has taken on a very heavy load with the increase in recruitment in the past six months. The amount of effort to keep the recruitment efforts going is high and Kim has stepped up her game. Aside from the administrate work involved with getting a job posted, she coordinates interviews with multiple staff with complicated schedules. Then there is follow-up with applications for additional interviews or testing; and then the offer and post-offer activities. Kim is the point of contact for all applicant questions and issues.

It takes a tremendous amount of effort and Kim has stayed on top of it, as well as her other work tasks. While recruitment is part of Kim's normal job responsibilities, the amount of work currently happening is more than the department has had in years and Kim works very effectively and tries very hard to meet the manager’s expectations and needs. As overwhelmed as Kim might be at times, she keeps a positive attitude and just takes it one day at a time.

Congratulations Kim!