Pedro Barrera, Maintenance Technician I

Pedro deserves to be Employee of the Year because of his ability to go above and beyond in performing his job duties. And always with a smile. Pedro sets a positive example for all OCWD employees to follow. 

Pedro's daily task list is long, especially last year when he was the Lone Ranger of Utility Technicians in the Maintenance Department. Even with the extra work load it didn’t change his can do attitude. Although he was working solo he was tasked with many duties including meeting setup requests, landscape maintenance and a long list of housekeeping chores. Pedro does it all with a professional and courteous attitude. Pedro also receives numerous last minute requests such as the need to add more chairs in the boardroom because now there are more attendees or a ceiling light is out over a cubicle, and no matter the circumstance he just gets the job done. He never complains or gives you a hard time even when the requests come last minute. Pedro received a well-deserved promotion to a Maintenance Technician I. His positivity and can do attitude make him a definite recipient for Employee of the Quarter and Employee of the Year.