Frank Simone, Buyer

Frank deserves to be EOY because he does his job with extreme buying POWER! Frank should be admired for his calm, cool and determined attitude to get any requests accomplished. Frank is a joy to work with. Frank always conducts himself in a professional manner, always returns phone calls and sees projects through to completion. 

Frank negotiates the best price, researches product information, ensures product quality and the timely delivery of products. Frank is always eager to assist and provide all the details about the product or services. He communicates effectively both written and orally. Frank located a new vendor for the supply of helium and nitrogen for the lab resulting in a savings of approximately $40,000 per year. He also set up the liquid argon for bulk delivery which saved the District about $13,000 annually and increased safety. Frank participates in Safety Committee meetings and gives his advice on current or new products and their safe use in the District. Franks always has a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. He sets a positive example for other workers here at the district.