Janice Kovacevic, Senior Administrative Support Specialist

Janice is responsible for a wide range of activities for the Water Production Group and the District. This includes preparing many reports, numerous requisitions, helping prepare presentations and other duties.

Supplying support for a staff of 60 requires a lot of effort and patience. Recently Janice was asked to assist with the development of a complex power point presentation involving multiple levels of animation and editing various video files. The task was very challenging and not typically what one would consider to be a “normal” presentation. In fact some of these ideas tested the boundaries of the software capabilities. Janice did an excellent job exploring the software and employing creative techniques to develop a very effective presentation. Janice even made herself available on her vacation to assist on the presentation. Janice is extremely well organized, a skill required as she is called upon for assistance by over 60 staff members, so multitasking is definitely one of her specialties. With a group this large it is easy to have small items slip through the cracks and be forgotten; however, all 60+ department staff members can confidently count on Janice to follow through. It is very evident that Janice truly cares about each and every one of the staff. The members of the Water Production Department are all very fortunate to have Janice, and she is very deserving to be the employee of the month.