Matt Buis, Basin Cleaning Vehicle Operator

As the Basin Cleaning Vehicle Operator, Matt Buis proactively looks for ways to improve BCV performance including, but not limited to, managing the hose system, adjusting cleaning hood settings and other operational parameters.

In addition to his normal duties, Matt operates the excavator to remove accumulated silt produced by the BCVs, maintains BCV repair work, and operates the excavator for non-BCV related tasks when the need arises. The BCVs are a critical piece of OCWD’s groundwater recharge operations for maintaining or improving percolation rates. Matt has also been instrumental in collecting flow data, water quality data and samples for the Fletcher Basin Vadose Zone Recharge Well Project. He also is the designated safety officer for Field Headquarters, which means he arranges for a weekly safety meeting held at FHQ and attends the monthly safety meeting held at the Fountain Valley administration building.