Dave Henry, Process Control System Programmer

Dave Henry oversees OCWD’s process control system for its Green Acres Project, a water recycling program that provides reclaimed water for landscape irrigation at parks, schools and golf courses as well as for industrial uses; and the Groundwater Replenishment (GWR) System, an innovative water purification project. 

His responsibilities include managing the programmable logic, graphics configuration, databases, report development and all system hardware and software. A known problem solver, Dave always puts in a tremendous amount of effort to not only perform his normal duties, but also looks for new ways to efficiently control the plant. While helping develop the controls with outside contractors he also works with the operations staff to review control strategies in an effort to help control operating costs. Additionally, Dave is very skilled in developing Microsoft Excel and Access databases and always assists coworkers with new ways of configuring reports to meet specific data needs. He even works on his personal time modifying spreadsheets and creating new calculations. Dave has a positive attitude and is always ready and willing to troubleshoot process control problems.