Adrienne Campbell, Receptionist

When you walk up to or call the Orange County Water District (OCWD) reception desk, you are immediately greeted with a warm smile and a cheerful greeting followed by efficient and friendly service.

This is the trademark of Adrienne Campbell who was just voted by the OCWD employees to be the OCWD employee of the year. To qualify for the election, Campbell had to be selected as employee of the month, which she was in February 2005. She was selected for this honor by demonstrating a work ethic that far surpasses her responsibilities. In December 2004, Campbell was awarded her 15-year pin for service to the District. She has also won special recognition for her suggestions to improve efficiency and cost savings to the District. Last year, she implemented an Internet shipping program that improved the tracking of all shipments, while saving the District money. In addition to her duties at OCWD, she acts as a receptionist for the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) located on the same property. She has been recognized by MWDOC through their employee recognition award program for her friendly and efficient service. As employee of the year, Adrienne will have her picture on a plaque displayed in her honor in the hallway of the District for the entire year; permanent acknowledgement on the District’s Web site and an employee recognition program (ERP) award with two days off with pay. “Adrienne is known as the voice of the Orange County Water District. She has such a pleasant voice. She makes visitors and employees feel welcomed,” stated Karen Warren, senior administrative coordinator and assistant to the general manager. “We are so happy to have her here at the District.” Adrienne is married to Sam Campbell and has three children Samarah age nine, Arron age 10 and Shaun age 20. She is a long-time resident of Fountain Valley and has worked for the District for 16 years.