Julio Polanco, Scientist

Julio Polanco is the 2022 Employee of the First Quarter.

The Orange County Water District is very pleased to announce that Julio Polanco, Scientist, is the 2022 Employee of the First Quarter. 

Julio has successfully completed a major project for OCWD R&D to evaluate removal of virus at OC Sanitation’s Plants 1 and 2. The District is now working with the California Division of Drinking Water to seek regulatory credit for virus log removal for GWRS because of this project. Julio played a critical role as the lead scientist for this project, executing this work over 2 years via coordination with OC San, plant sampling including onsite filtration, and data analysis using complex statistical methods and software programs. He worked tirelessly to complete this project through many ups and downs, always with a great attitude. A challenging part of the project was the administration, invoicing, and reporting related to two different research grants that funded this project – it’s great to get outside money but it means you have a lot of bosses to answer to! Now, Julio is lending his expertise and advice to a new research project led by San Diego State University that seeks to develop guidance for other water agencies to be able to execute projects just like this one.

Beyond his support for this study, Julio is incredibly worthy of this nomination as he is an excellent employee and team member. He is great to work with and is an asset to the R&D team and OCWD family. We are lucky to have him. Julio was recently promoted from Postdoctoral Research Associate to Scientist.  Congratulations Julio.