Julio Langarica - Recharge System Operator

The Orange County Water District is very pleased to announce that Julio Langarica, Recharge System Operator, is the 2021 Employee of the Fourth Quarter!!!

Julio had received a SCADA alarm for power failure at 10:00 PM the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day. When he got to FHQ, he saw that the two power poles (which supply the FHQ Office) were snapped like toothpicks and the wire was lying across the road. The extreme winds had knocked them down and left FHQ with no power for three days.

During the first night, he remained on-site till 1:30 AM until the fire department and the City of Anaheim were able to secure the power and eliminate the public hazard. SCADA power backup ran out and he managed to operate the system without any telemetry or remote access for the next two days.

Julio returned Thanksgiving Day morning at 7:00 AM to verify that the Anaheim contractors had removed the poles and rolled the wires to the side of the road. Friday, he was on-site from 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM to making sure the power was restored to FHQ and was present while the IS department worked on the system firewalls to ensure the SCADA System was back online.

The SCADA Dialer was unable to be fixed due to the phone line not being repaired. Julio operated the Recharge System the remainder of his on-call shift with no alarm notification, which required him to visually monitor the SCADA system frequently.

For his dedication to his work, Julio has been voted the Employee of the Quarter. Congratulations, Julio!