Tony Carreira - Operations Shift Supervisor

Tony Carreira is the 2021 Employee of the First Quarter 

The Orange County Water District is pleased to announce Tony Carreira, Operations Shift Supervisor is the 2021 Employee of the First Quarter.  Tony supervises and performs a variety of tasks associated with the operation, routine maintenance and repair of the GWRS and GAP treatment plants.  As a shift supervisor, Tony is responsible for prioritizing and assigning work. He also plans, coordinates, oversees, and participates in daily operational activities while conducting training, inspecting facilities, effectively reporting issues, and operating the treatment plants in a safe and efficient manner.
Tony supervises operations' Nights2 shift in the operation and monitoring of the GWRS and GAP treatment plants. A more complicated task involving operations is performing RO unit cleanings (aka RO CIPs). A side effect from performing RO CIPs were common occurrences of brief ROP TOC spikes that are required to be reported as compliance issues. During January 2021 Tony suggested and implemented additional steps for post-CIP RO flush procedures in an effort to eliminate these ROP TOC spikes. No changes were made to the 60-90-minute post-CIP permeate flushes. However, Tony decided to drain the RO unit after its 60-90-minute post-CIP flush, and after draining the unit, perform another 45-minute permeate flush before putting the RO unit in service. Since implementing this procedure no reportable ROP TOC spikes have occurred in relationship to RO CIPs. Great job and great initiative Tony!