Ernie Nunez,

Ernie Nunez is the first quarter Employee of the Quarter

Ernie has done a great job developing working relationships with employees, producers and other agencies regarding data transmittals and processes. In July, he took on the complicated task of reconciling all of the monthly producer water production data and completed the task efficiently. He is a “wiz” at manipulating data using Excel spreadsheets. Using his Excel skills, Ernie developed a method to upload geologic borehole log records from a spreadsheet directly into the WRMS database, thereby streamlining a time-consuming manual data entry process. He edited and emailed well status letters to the producers as a PDF file instead of mailing them which expedited the process. In only six months, he has updated and improved data processes that had not changed in years. On top of his technical skills, Ernie has the positive can-do attitude that exemplifies the best of OCWD staff.

Congratulations Ernie!