Ben Lockhart, Principal Environmental Specialist

Ben Lockhart is the third quarter Employee of the Quarter

Senior Environmental Specialist Ben Lockhart has been named Employee of the Quarter for consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of his position. Ben has shown that he can be asked to accept and complete new or challenging responsibilities. In response to an unexpected staff departure, Ben was been assigned to review and update the annual microbiology report Santa Ana River monitoring program, as well as perform preparation of the monthly report for a Regional Board NPDES report. He completed these tasks with great capability and produced excellent work products. As the Water Quality Department “scheduler,” Ben is asked to balance the steady, sometimes overwhelming workload of many water quality monitoring programs across multiple internal departments and all the groundwater producers, while coordinating with his supervisor, co-workers, and other OCWD departments. Ben has shown a great ability to coordinate and plan the many monitoring requirements.

Ben has exhibited a great deal of leadership as he coordinates requests from his supervisor and helps to plan daily monitoring tasks for water quality staff. He can be depended upon to ensure that his direction and scheduling will follow the necessary requirements for each monitoring program. In addition, Ben is often asked, sometimes at the last minute, to coordinate special monitoring events that are needed to provide important results for ongoing groundwater investigations.

Above all, Ben has shown that he is highly dependable. The water quality department continually has many monitoring programs with many requirements from drinking water, groundwater, surface water, or treatment plant sites. Ben has been a key point person and continues to ensure the high quality that has become expected from OCWD’s water quality monitoring programs.

Congratulations Ben!