Rita Hintlian, Senior Environmental Specialist/Analyst

Rita Hintlian is the first quarter Employee of the Quarter

Rita consistently maintains exemplary work standards and productivity beyond what is normally expected. She performs at a high quality and incredibly efficient level on a daily basis. She is an extremely creative problem solver and always shows a very high degree of initiative resulting in saving staff enormous amounts of time by constantly streamlining processes.

  • She went the extra mile assisting GSWC Producer to complete a large information request for a new well siting project 
  • She researched and created special statistical box plots for a report/presentation
  • She volunteered to be the ASPEN LIMS system/ WRMS liaison between the Lab and Water Quality
  • She volunteered eagerly to assist another department with interviews

Rita takes pride in her work and it shows. She consistently goes above and beyond in all she does.

Congratulations Rita!