Wes Haydock, Senior Distribution Technician

Wes Haydock is the third quarter Employee of the Quarter!

Wes has developed a strong reputation over the past 8+ years as being a team player willing to go the extra mile. A recent example occurred when a motorist sheared off an OCWD air vacuum / release valve along the Ellis Avenue sidewalk in front of the Hobby People store (injection well I-2). As a result GWRS water was sent hurling into the air literally defining the city name Fountain Valley. Wes was able to secure flow in a timely manner. However, to stop the geyser, five other injections wells were starved of flow. The repair required considerable time, skill, equipment and labor. The damage looked like it might require the services of an outside contractor. Wes dove into this project determined to restore full flow to the Barrier before he left for the weekend. With assistance from Justin McKeever and Don Haffke, Wes led the effort to complete the repair before the end of the day on Friday. As a result, the Barrier was able to uphold protective elevations throughout the weekend without procuring outside services.

Thank you Wes for your dedication and congratulations!