Alex Adams, Laboratory Technician

Alex Adams is the 1st quarter Employee of the Quarter!

Alex has been a Laboratory Technician since 2015 and has been providing great effort within the extraction group. He was a student intern in the organic section for two years and got hired as Lab Technician upon his graduation from UCI in 2015. Alex is a highly motivated employee and always willing to take on additional duties and projects. He has excellent work ethic and contributes to the success of the Laboratory. During this quarter, Alex has been working very hard in providing extraction supporting for UCMR4 EPA Method 541 and 530. He pays attention to his work so he could provide excellent observation of what was occurring in the extraction procedure. His input helps the Chemist troubleshoot the problem and find a way to improve the process. We were successful in completing the application for EPA 541 before the March 5 deadline. Alex understands the goal of the District and always provides a high level of support. He always goes the extra mile to help his teammates whenever needed. Alex is a team player and a good role model for Laboratory staff.