Megan Plumlee, Ph.D, P.E.

Director of Research

Dr. Megan Plumlee is the Director of Research for the Orange County Water District. She oversees a team of scientists and researchers who coordinate and conduct applied physical, chemical and biological research that supports and enhances the District’s core operational needs; research and review promising new technologies to improve water quality and increase the efficiency of OCWD’s recycled water treatment and groundwater recharge operations; and participate in scientific advisory panels, research advisory boards and project advisory committees to help guide external research efforts related to District activities.

Dr. Plumlee previously served as the manager of the applied research group at Kennedy/Jenks Consultants and as a senior scientist at Exponent, Inc. In addition to applied research, she has worked on projects for municipal and industrial clients spanning a wide range of topics including non-potable and potable water reuse, contaminants of emerging concern, costs for advanced treatment, tracer studies, groundwater resources, constructed wetlands, bench testing form water/wastewater treatment studies and much more. Dr. Plumlee has also authored and contributed to several peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Plumlee holds Doctorate and Master of Science degrees in Environmental Engineering and Science from Stanford University and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a minor in Physics from Pacific University. She is a registered Professional Civil Engineer in the State of California.